Blue plaque № 12088 in Littlehampton
Rupert Brooke stone plaque in Bournemouth
Ebenezer Elliott blue plaque in Sheffield
Blue plaque № 6104 in London
Green plaque № 10500 in Shaftesbury
Hugh Gaitskell blue plaque in London
Walter Scott bronze plaque in Galashiels
John Lennon and Julia Lennon black plaque in Liverpool
Hilda Lloyd blue plaque in Birmingham
Stone plaque № 7608 in Salisbury
Holt Owl brushed metal plaque in Holt
Thomas Chatterton stone plaque in Bristol
Birmingham Library stone plaque in Birmingham
plaque № 8708 in Guildford
Alexander Cruden bronze plaque in London
Rowland Hill brown plaque in London
Bronze plaque № 9057 in York
Texas Legation yellow plaque in London
William Scoresby Snr blue plaque in Whitby
Charles Edward Stuart blue plaque in Manchester

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