Thomas Waller white plaque in Faversham
Black plaque № 30032 in Ilkley
Percy Wyndham Lewis blue plaque in London
Benjamin Franklin black plaque in London
John Wesley bronze plaque in Haverfordwest
Green plaque № 2188 in Winchester
Anna Maria Garthwaite blue plaque in London
Sarah Storey brushed metal plaque in Eccles
George Orwell plaque in Wigan
Hiram Maxim blue plaque in London
Sally Lunn brown plaque in Bath
Ralph Vaughan Williams blue plaque in London
Bronze plaque № 8233 in Liverpool
Louisa Astrop black plaque in Oxford
George Romney blue plaque in London
John Loughborough Pearson and Edwin Landseer Lutyens blue plaque in London
Pegg's Almshouses bronze plaque in Ashbourne
C. R. Bainbridge, E. W. Jefferys, E. H. Wheadon, A. Denbuoy, and 10 others in Guernsey
Robert Fitzroy green plaque in London
Alexander Pope, Pope's Seat, and Henry Holland white plaque in Sherborne

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