Vincent Van Gogh blue plaque in London
William Pitt blue plaque in London
Green plaque № 8097 in Norwich
Daniel Defoe blue plaque in Newcastle upon Tyne
Robert the Bruce bronze plaque in Stirling
John Galsworthy blue plaque in London
Henry Irving brown plaque in Bradford
Albert Mitchell green plaque in Southborough
James Prescott Joule blue plaque in Manchester
Robert Elliot brown plaque in Otley
Bombe, Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman, and Harold Keen red and black plaque in Bletchley
Rachel McMillan and Margaret McMillan blue plaque in London
Michael Balcon blue plaque in Birmingham
Charles Dickens brown plaque in Liverpool
Edward Richard George Heath blue plaque in Broadstairs
Heddle Nash black plaque in London
Blue plaque № 12779 in Oxford
White plaque № 2078 in Faversham
John Cole, Thomas Cole, and Skelton Cole bronze plaque in Sheffield
Violet Carson blue plaque in Manchester

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