Black plaque № 6264 in Otley
John Clare stone plaque in Helpston
Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine white plaque in London
Cooks Hall blue plaque in London
Blue plaque № 4034 in Calne
John Walter blue plaque in London
Robert Martineau, Thomas Martineau, Ernest Martineau, Wilfrid Martineau, and 1 other in Birmingham
Roald Dahl blue plaque in Tenby
Robert Adam brown plaque in London
Guy Fawkes, Edward Fawkes, and Edith Fawkes bronze plaque in York
Virginia Woolf, Clive Bell, Lytton Strachey, Alix Strachey, and 1 other in London
Frederick John Horniman and The Horniman Museum blue plaque in London
Black plaque № 7973 in Liverpool
Aldersgate blue plaque in London
Robert Harvey green plaque in Norwich
Neville Chamberlain and Birmingham Municipal Savings Bank stone plaque in Birmingham
Alexander Pope, Pope's Seat, and Henry Holland white plaque in Sherborne
Malcolm X blue plaque in Smethwick
Samuel Palmer white plaque in Shoreham, Kent
Earl of Ellesmere and Fountain brown plaque in Worsley

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