Silk blue plaque in Eccles
John Humphreys brass plaque in Birmingham
Blue plaque № 2135 in Maplehurst
Red plaque № 766 in Manchester
John Wesley plaque in Wednesbury
Charles Dickens blue plaque in Eastbourne
James Green red plaque in Exeter
John Henry Poynting blue plaque in Monton
Thomas Prosser, George V, Mary, and Elizabeth II brown plaque in Harrogate
Black plaque № 3454 in Aberdeen
Bronze plaque № 10238 in Sheffield
Blue plaque № 11419 in Ulverston
Black plaque № 7869 in Liverpool
Ronald Russell and Peggy Ann Wood blue plaque in Bristol
Blue plaque № 10079 in Bradford
R. J. Emerson blue plaque in Wolverhampton
Robert Angus Smith blue plaque in Manchester
Blue plaque № 6136 in London
Michael Novosielski and Fortfield Terrace blue plaque in Sidmouth
Henry Joy McCracken bronze plaque in Belfast

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