Bronze plaque № 12986 in Totnes
Blue plaque № 28099 in Chase Terrace
Lewis Nockalls Cottingham blue plaque in Bury St Edmunds
Frank Pick blue plaque in London
Stan Laurel green plaque in Ulverston
Brown plaque № 10459 in Portadown
John Meade Falkner plaque in Durham
Green plaque № 11488 in Milnthorpe
Duke of York's Cinema film cell plaque in Brighton
Stone plaque № 12527 in London
Percy Carlyle Gilchrist maroon plaque in Lyme Regis
Brushed metal plaque № 29960 in Scarborough
Frederick Knott blue plaque in Crawley
George MacDonald blue plaque in London
Richard Dadd blue plaque in London
Vincent Wing stone plaque in Dorchester
Oxfam green plaque in Oxford
Miles Thompson green plaque in Kendal
Blue plaque № 9594 in Hull
Jomo Kenyatta blue plaque in London

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