Charles X of France blue plaque in London
Eccles Churchyard blue plaque in Eccles
Silvanus Phillips Thompson blue plaque in York
John Maynard Keynes blue plaque in Cambridge
Fanny Louisa Calder brown plaque in Liverpool
Blue plaque № 5512 in Martock
Claudia Jones blue plaque in London
Ronald Russell and Peggy Ann Wood blue plaque in Bristol
John Boyd Dunlop blue plaque in Belfast
Edward Richard Henry blue plaque in London
Old Chesil Rectory wood plaque in Winchester
William Henry Pratt blue plaque in London
Richard Oastler blue plaque in Leeds
Thomas Paine blue plaque in Lewes
Charles Williams blue plaque in St Albans
William Wallace, James Francis Edward Stuart, and Adam Duncan bronze plaque in Dundee
John Bennet and John Nelson blue plaque in Manchester
Brushed metal plaque № 29960 in Scarborough
Walter Raleigh and Raleigh's Seat white plaque in Sherborne
Edmund Arnold Greening Lamborn blue plaque in Oxford

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