Arthur Waley blue plaque in London

Arthur Waley (1889-1966), poet, translator and Orientalist, lived and died here.

Arthur David Waley, CH, CBE (Chinese: 亞瑟偉利 or 亞瑟偉雷; pinyin: ya3se3 wei3li2; Japanese: アーサー・ウェイリー, 19 August 1889 – 27 June 1966) was an English orientalist and sinologist.As one recent evaluation puts it, "Waley was the great transmitter of the high literary cultures of China and Japan to the English-reading general public; the ambassador from East to West in the first half of the 20th century. He was self-taught, but reached remarkable levels of fluency, even erudition, in both languages. It was a unique achievement, possible (as he himself later noted) only in that time, and unlikely to be repeated." His importance for raising awareness and scholarly attention to the English speaking world is considered immense, reaching a wider popular readership with later re-publications in classics series.

Source: dbpedia

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