Battle of Cable Street red plaque in London

The Battle of Cable Street
The people of East London
rallied to Cable Street on the
4th October 1936 and forced back
the march of the fascist
Oswald Mosley and his Blackshirts
through the streets of
the East End.
They shall not pass

The Battle of Cable Street took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in Cable Street in the East End of London. It was a clash between the Metropolitan Police, overseeing a march by the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley, and anti-fascists, including local Jewish, socialist, anarchist, Irish and communist groups. The majority of both marchers and counter-protesters travelled into the area for this purpose. Mosley planned to send thousands of marchers dressed in uniforms styled on those of Blackshirts through the East End, which then had a large Jewish population.

Source: dbpedia

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