Frank Hampson blue plaque in Audenshaw

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Frank Hampson 1918-1985 Born at this house, Frank Hampson is famous for creating the world renowned cartioon strip science fiction character Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future whose world he invented, wrote about and drew.
Dan Dare appeared in the Eagle magazine, launched on 14th April 1950.
Frank died in Epsom where he had resided for many years drawing Dan Dare and other characters

Frank Hampson (21 December 1918 – 8 July 1985) was a British illustrator, best known as the creator and artist of Dan Dare and other characters in the boys' comic, the Eagle, to which he contributed from 1950 to 1961. He wrote and drew Dan Dare's Venus and Red Moon stories, plus a complete storyline for Operation Saturn. However, Hampson drew only part of the Saturn story and his script was altered when he passed the strip to assistants.

Source: dbpedia

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