Guglielmo Marconi bronze plaque in Alum Bay

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This stone
marks the site of The
Wireless Telegraph Station
Guglielmo Marconi
and his British collaborators
carried out from
6th December 1897
to 26th May 1900
a series of experiments
which constituted some of
the more important phases
of their earlier pioneer
work in the development of
wireless communication
of all kinds.

Guglielmo Marconi, 1st Marquis of Marconi (Italian: [ɡuʎˈʎɛːlmo maɾˈkoːni]; 25 April 1874 – 20 July 1937) was an Italian inventor and electrical engineer, known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission and for his development of Marconi's law and a radio telegraph system. Marconi is often credited as the inventor of radio, and he shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Ferdinand Braun "in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy". An entrepreneur, businessman, and founder in Britain in 1897 of The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company (which became the Marconi Company), Marconi succeeded in making a commercial success of radio by innovating and building on the work of previous experimenters and physicists. In 1924 the King of Italy ennobled Marconi as a Marchese (marquis).

Source: dbpedia

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