About Blue Plaque Places

"Blue Plaque Places" is somewhat misleadingly named, since not all of what we would normally think of as a blue plaque are, in fact, blue. However, blue has become the most common colour, and tends now to be the standard for most commemorative plaques.

This website builds on the data compiled by Open Plaques, which is now pretty much the canonical list of plaques in the UK and also much of the world. Blue Plaque Places currently only lists plaques in the UK (and the Channel Islands), but later projects may add worldwide plaques as well.

Adding Photos and Plaques

At the moment, there's no facility to add plaque data or photos directly to Blue Plaque Places. Instead, it's all imported from Open Plaques. If you want to contribute a photo, or submit a new plaque, then follow the instructions on the "Contribute" page at Open Plaques. The information will trickle through to here eventually, as and when the next update is performed.

What you can do here is add your own comments on plaques, using the comment system on each plaque page. If you know something about a plaque, then please feel free to share it.

Data Sources and Licences

The plaque data itself from Open Plaques is supplied under the Public Domain Dedication and License 1.0.

Photos are from three main sources: Flickr, Geograph and Wikipedia. All of these are Creative Commons Licensed sources, and the images are credited to their author and link back to the original source.

Ancillary data related to plaque subjects is from DBpedia, a structured data version of Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia itself, DBpedia's content is Creative Commons licensed.

All original content on Blue Plaque Places is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence, which is compatible with Wikipedia and DBpedia.

Credits and Contact

BluePlaquePlaces.co.uk is a Good Stuff website.


You can contact the administrator of this website by email at 'admin{at}blueplaqueplaces.co.uk' (making the obvious substitution to turn that into a valid email address).

Geeky Stuff

For those who care abut such things, this site is built on an open source platform using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. The visual design is based on the Foundation framework utilising Savant3 as a templating system.

BluePlaquePlaces.co.uk is a Good Stuff website.